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Meet the Team


Manager: Thomas Merritt 

President: Louise Federico

Vice President: Joe Bowers

Awards Chairman: Janet Stotler 

Youth Directors: John Koch, Frank Haines, and Nieka Whitt

Directors: Thomas Merritt and Janet Stotler


Award Committee: Responsible for determining association awards to be offered and the necessary requirements for each award. Verifying all award requests and distubiuting earned awards to bowlers. Maintaining all annual records of awards given to association bowerls 

Finance/ Audit Committee: Responsible for reviewing and monitoring association financial matters

Tournament Committee: Responsible for establishing, monitoring, promoting and running all association tournaments

Website Committee: Responsible for reviewing and updating the content on association website and Facebook page.

Youth Committee: Responsible for monitoring, promoting, reviewing, and recommending youth programs and services conducted by the association. 

Bowling Centers and Representatives

Berkeley Springs: Tracy Gregory for Midway Berkeley 

Front Royal 

Martinsburg: John Koch, Jr. for Pikeside Bowl 

Winchester: Nieka Whitt for Northside Lanes 


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